Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whats up?!

8D ok, the second update in one go.

I just wanna say I'm thrilled to hear that Persona 3 is going Portable!!! (P3P) WATAFISH!! It was just released in Japan yesterday, and i really want the game soooo bad, i can feel my brain bubbling inside my skull. i just know about this P3P like, yesterday!! can you believe it!!! OAO *head bang*

I'm really excited to see the female version for the main character! 8D she is absolutely GORGEOUS! i totally love her eyes! where Minato have blue and her eyes are red. it's PERFECT! I really wanna play as her!! and did i mention that when you play as the female character, Elizabeth will be replaced with her hot good looking brother Theodore?!! OMG!! *screams*

but too bad... i don't have PSP. darnnit. have to save my allowance i guess T_T. they even made a new opening theme for P3P but i still prefer the original one ;D I found he P3P's opening a bit sad for me T_T

I mean seriously, game industries never cease to come out with new stuff!! did you guys heard about the new Nintendo DSi LL ??!! I mean HELLO!!! nintendo DSi is not even out THAT long! and there's already a new version?! (of course with bigger screen, and more mature color, and of course bigger size u_u ) huh amazing. I still prefer my DSlite. the size is just perfect for my hand. Who wants a big size portable game console anyway? cih. thats the whole point of being portable! right size and easy to keep. If i wan a big screen console, i'd just buy those not portable ones. haha!!

here's a wine colored DSi LL. I kinda like the color tho. xD

yeap. been playing with my ds like crazy!!! between doing my assignments of course! *coughcough* addicted to Taiko no Tatsujin u_u all i can see in my head now is Gold crown. Gold, full combo... goooollllldddd.... xD SO YEAH!! THAT'S IT!!!! better get back to assignments T_T life... ugh

Tokyo Plastic

gosh haven't update in a very long time!! 8D

helloooo people!! finals are getting closer every second and i am procrastinating wholeheartedly YAY! anyways!! things that has been going on lately :

Sharing by the TokyoPlastic! I tell you people, the talk was AWESOME! I like it when Sam (the speaker) not only talk about their greatest work, but also shared some not so great work to us all. How he humbly told us how they started from bottom up without being the least bit arrogant and with loads of humor. How they work before and how in the end, it's still better to get back in doing what you love to do. I agree on that. It's amazing to see him standing in front talking proudly and can see his satisfaction in what he is doing now. I envy him. I wish someday i'd be like him. Did i mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE their character design? their vinyl figurines are superb!! would love to have one. =_= but yeah, my economic state is not currently in their best advantage now xD hahaha. ANYWAY!! lemme share you their video which made em who they are today.

this next video is my 2nd favorite. I saw it on TV before, and i don't even know who created it. i still can't believe the creator for this ad came and gv a talk!! O_O

i remembered i used to wait for this ad on tv xD and i don't even remember what it was advertising LOL! but they really can portray the handphone (yeah, they were advertising nokia n78) musical ability. I just got this thing for headphone, and those headphones are AWESOME! would love to have em! darnnit! xD

so there ya go. Tokyo Plastic

p/s i wish one day my characters will be made into vinyl ;D