Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whats up?!

8D ok, the second update in one go.

I just wanna say I'm thrilled to hear that Persona 3 is going Portable!!! (P3P) WATAFISH!! It was just released in Japan yesterday, and i really want the game soooo bad, i can feel my brain bubbling inside my skull. i just know about this P3P like, yesterday!! can you believe it!!! OAO *head bang*

I'm really excited to see the female version for the main character! 8D she is absolutely GORGEOUS! i totally love her eyes! where Minato have blue and her eyes are red. it's PERFECT! I really wanna play as her!! and did i mention that when you play as the female character, Elizabeth will be replaced with her hot good looking brother Theodore?!! OMG!! *screams*

but too bad... i don't have PSP. darnnit. have to save my allowance i guess T_T. they even made a new opening theme for P3P but i still prefer the original one ;D I found he P3P's opening a bit sad for me T_T

I mean seriously, game industries never cease to come out with new stuff!! did you guys heard about the new Nintendo DSi LL ??!! I mean HELLO!!! nintendo DSi is not even out THAT long! and there's already a new version?! (of course with bigger screen, and more mature color, and of course bigger size u_u ) huh amazing. I still prefer my DSlite. the size is just perfect for my hand. Who wants a big size portable game console anyway? cih. thats the whole point of being portable! right size and easy to keep. If i wan a big screen console, i'd just buy those not portable ones. haha!!

here's a wine colored DSi LL. I kinda like the color tho. xD

yeap. been playing with my ds like crazy!!! between doing my assignments of course! *coughcough* addicted to Taiko no Tatsujin u_u all i can see in my head now is Gold crown. Gold, full combo... goooollllldddd.... xD SO YEAH!! THAT'S IT!!!! better get back to assignments T_T life... ugh


  1. I would really love to get this DSiLL. :D

  2. I wonder if I can recycle my p3 uniform and cosplay as the female MC =w=