Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday yet again

ok... so after i broke my phone, now it's my simcard's turn.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! it does not break into half!!! it sort of... I don't know how to say it!! slides into half??? @_@ I have never seen such things happen before! never even cross my mind that it is possible to happen. OMG. now nobody can contact me unless i get myself a new simcard, of course along with a new phone *winks* ... DARN!! this means i have to remember a new number!!! DARNNIT!!!

ON OTHER NOTE!!!! 8D I am currently reading Richard Montanari's PLAY DEAD novel. so far so good. I know it'll be a great book!!! i've read the BROKEN ANGELS by him and it was very captivating. he is soooo on my list of wanted authors.

huh. well there's not much going on for my holiday. so far. T_T will be going back to Perak soon and there's no internet connection there for pete's sake!!! OMG!!! how to do my FPS like that?! HOW!!!!? well i'm sure i can figure it out. talk about being optimistic xD HAH! i was fed properly since my parents took me. of course i'd be happy! HAHAHA!! PROPER BREAKFAST OMG!!! *wipe tears* yeap~~

the muscle pain from the Broga Hill trip was gone too. quick. don't even realize when it disappeared. hmmppphh. well!! i'm gonna continue reading my book, after i finish tending my pet in pet society!! HAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!

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