Tuesday, May 31, 2011


so... wassup people OTL its been awhile since i've update my blog haha so like nothing interesting is going on cept for...


well nothing LOL!

so far last week, DICE finally decided on what book to do n all. will announce it when we've got to it LOL

I also sorta put down on order- well pre-order to be exact- of kuronuma sawako nendo too 8,D

image courtesy of TFM

well, which means... she's gonna be my FIRST nendo WOOHOO!! yes thank you thank you~~ stop the applause please yes yes~~ now that i'm on Level 2 for nendo collecting PFFFTT i shall try my best not to level up more than i already have (DAMN those figurine blogs & webs!) the next nendo i'm gonna get would probably be SiH if they ever made 1 haha! (yeah let's see how long you can keep them temptations out ifa LOL)

I've also finally secured the freelance job 8D WOOHOO!!! i'm gonna try my best in doing them this time. no more half ass job ifa plz T v T

also~~~ eeeto... 8,D well i heard Namco is releasing Tales of Xillia for the tales series 15th anniversary!! DEMMIT!!! the trailers looked AWESOME!

also they are releasing a sort of special ...err package? which comes out with a Tales of Xillia ps3 design, the game itself PLUS 2 NENDO FOR JUDE MATHIS & MILLIA MAXWELL!!! FFFFFF GOD DARNNIT!!!


photo courtesy of gen...gema...ok i can't rmmbr the name PFFTTT but here [link]

i swear i almost went bonkers just at the sight of it!!! JUDE!! I WANT YOU!! FFF i hope an English version will come out T___T like seriously. eventhough so far, rumors said that it'll probably not gonna be publish in english 8,D but after what happened with Tales of Graces F, well, i've put my hopes a bit high hahaha

which means, i'm gonna have to get them ps3 a.s.ap. what with ff versus 13, tales of xillia & hah believe it or not, Ninokuni XD (studio ghibli game :9) so i can't wait to get my paycheck! 8,D praise god for the freelance opportunity that i got SOBS

right. some artwork that i have done for the past... well since i last updated here in my blog~

and sketch request for May 2011

I am still not satisfied with the way i color OTL it's just... i don't know.... not satisfied LOL well, i guess this means i need to improve more!! OTL


Friday, May 27, 2011

pt2: pchat P4 doujin -a night in uncle's room

PFFFTTTT we somehow managed to make a doujin out of the pchat session OTL talk about releasing stress XD

HAVE FUN READING ... or looking..... -bends over laughing like hell-

artist/story/etc etc : Me, Michi, Kou
characters belong to their respective owner 8D -COUGH- read at your own risk! tqvm!

the next day ....

-facepalm- I DON'T EVEN!!! HAHAAHAHHA TWAS FUN THO! XD now i shall switch my fandom to souji & doujima sdfghjklkjhgfdfghjk!!!!!!

ahh~~ gonna hv good dreams for tonight 8,D

the result of crazy pchating pt.1

8,D it was my 1st time on pchat!!! FFFFFFFF twas fun drawing when you have other crazy fun friends drawing with you too!!! OLOLOLOL

this is gonna be image heavy post :E and since i'm too lazy to just compile em all together into 1 file... WELL!!!! 8D~

if you noticed... there're a lot of p3/p4 drawings OTL

FFFFFFF i swear my stomach would burst from all the laughing!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

miku fanart yet again!

8,D because i really adore her.... & her hair... LOL!

**EDITED** 8,D i edit a lot LOL

some progress screencap + ...what do you call that... zoom in shot... thingy LOL :T

YEAP!! this was fun to do 8D ... & my work is not finish OTL way to go ifa. way to go.

p/s been listening to supercell the whole way LOL pure awesomeness

Monday, May 23, 2011

this & that~

I've finished my work ahead of schedule today 8,D so decided to draw stuff in my long neglected sketchbook SOBS

**warning! low reso pictures ahead!!! **

since i've promised to fill this sketchbook of mine with megane dudes... well... 8,D what can i say. haha

some progress shot... kinda

FFF i don't even know what plant/branch i drew. whatever 8,D imaginary tree pfff

ouu yeaa sakura micron!! OTL

the final piece. wanna color this T____T maybe someday. somebody said he looked like Tieria Erde pfffff XD ouukaaayyyy hahaha

some other sketches

this one is unfinished T_T since i don't have the color pen that i wanna use. was thinking of purple & yellow. but i only have blue & red haha SAD

roma.... OTL

ahhh now i have to get back to photoshop again. i really wanna sleep 8,D unf.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fireflies in the Garden

i considered myself lucky to stumble upon this movie while i was browsing through the movie channels. tho the movie already started for abt 10 minutes when i get to star movies.

there is just something about this movie that struck me. it's just so... real. a story about a troubled family, how a loss of someone dear somehow bring them all back to the past (not time travelling kinda past...ok you probably knew that pffft) and slowly towards the road of reconciliation & changes. the whole movie is slow paced but instead of boring me, it somehow made me feel so relaxed. the actors & actresses really brings out the feel more. they really did a great job! the soundtrack is very very nice. it suits the whole movie perfectly. i really do feel at ease watching this movie 8,D despite all the... things the father did to the son T v T

"The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy." -IMDb

ryan reynolds look so GOOD in here!!! (yes.. i used good instead of hot, or handsome... etc etc because i think good fits him perfectly in this movie LOL) i love it the way he remembers his mother i can really feel the love 8,D i can really feel how each individual have their own way of showing their love. 8,D it's beautiful T v T

so anyway!! i think i'd like to recommend this to people :E i love any movie that is related to family, the problem they face & they way they work out on a solution in the end. it's nice to see something that is... well... realistic i guess :3

here's the trailer. (i lol-ed at the opening audio. somehow doesn't fit the movie in general LOL)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

have you ever try it?

drawing when you are on a ride in the car? XD i can feel sweat falling out of my pores like waterfall LOL!! all my initial sketch looked like some... i don't even know how to describe it. OTL doesn't look like a drawing at all.

managed to ink them in between traffic stops 8,D imagine glancing at the traffic light every few seconds just to see whether the light turned green so that i could lift up my inking pen as fast as the speed of light LOOOLL!! k i'm exaggerating but yeaaa...

it was a good experiment tho :E

Monday, May 16, 2011

8,D today was fun

woke up early & opened photoshop. finished my SiH : Hatori x Chiaki drawing & did some touch up in photoshop u.u

colored version here [link]

the colored version sucks 8,D didn't do them justice at all!! OTL OTL oh well... MOVING ON!!

did livestream too :E what did i draw?

KUSURIURI!!!! AAAUUUGGGHHHH OTL and i manage to sissy-fy him like... WAAAYYYYYY too much OTL should've get rid of that ghey hand OTL 8,D oh well

time: 1 hour 30min +
tool: photoshop :E

i don't even OTL

then went out with my parents. went to a shopping mall. my mom, has been hooked with the twilight saga series OTL (i dun even) so we all went to the dvd store & she bought all 3 dvds. twilight, new moon & eclipse. OTL she is an edward fan hahaha!

as for me, i bought 2 sketch books, bright blue & red inking pen, 1 mecha pencil & a spare putty eraser D: i couldn't find any markers T__T that shop didn't sell markers wtf!! i am sad!! T___T i really wanna get skin tones, & some desaturated green, blue, peach & maybe gray. a bit disappointed.

but managed to get 2 sketch books!!!! i guess it's not a huge failure today. it was hard for me to find a sketch book that really caught my eyes! I love them black hardcover type T v T imagine my face when i finally found some!! (though it still couldn't rival my current sketch book. black hardcover & the whole thing is like... more than 1/2 inch thick 8,D)

also bought those 2 colored pens. i figured since i always use different colors for my artwork's lineart in photoshop, why not try it in real life?! 8D ohooo so yeah!

been doing a lot of traditional work lately. 8,D i'm having serious fun!! aaahhh

p/s finally had a plate of fish & chips today too. been craving for them for so long!! yes.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

bloody orange

my room is killing my eyeballs & brain cells with it's orange force. OTL shall get back to inking this soon. -thumb-