Monday, May 23, 2011

this & that~

I've finished my work ahead of schedule today 8,D so decided to draw stuff in my long neglected sketchbook SOBS

**warning! low reso pictures ahead!!! **

since i've promised to fill this sketchbook of mine with megane dudes... well... 8,D what can i say. haha

some progress shot... kinda

FFF i don't even know what plant/branch i drew. whatever 8,D imaginary tree pfff

ouu yeaa sakura micron!! OTL

the final piece. wanna color this T____T maybe someday. somebody said he looked like Tieria Erde pfffff XD ouukaaayyyy hahaha

some other sketches

this one is unfinished T_T since i don't have the color pen that i wanna use. was thinking of purple & yellow. but i only have blue & red haha SAD

roma.... OTL

ahhh now i have to get back to photoshop again. i really wanna sleep 8,D unf.

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