Friday, May 27, 2011

pt2: pchat P4 doujin -a night in uncle's room

PFFFTTTT we somehow managed to make a doujin out of the pchat session OTL talk about releasing stress XD

HAVE FUN READING ... or looking..... -bends over laughing like hell-

artist/story/etc etc : Me, Michi, Kou
characters belong to their respective owner 8D -COUGH- read at your own risk! tqvm!

the next day ....

-facepalm- I DON'T EVEN!!! HAHAAHAHHA TWAS FUN THO! XD now i shall switch my fandom to souji & doujima sdfghjklkjhgfdfghjk!!!!!!

ahh~~ gonna hv good dreams for tonight 8,D


  1. Um. I don't know if you realized this but you are genius.
    You captured the cliche factors of yaoi manga too!

    1. you're too kind!!! @_@ haha joined effort between my friends n i XD it was really fun to draw! but when i read em back, can't help myself from facepalming haha