Wednesday, May 4, 2011

grand guignol orchestra

8,D finally done with my commissioooonnnn!!!! this kind person actually commissioned me TWICE! in 1 time D,8 i don't even -SOBS- and she even promote me to her friend asdfghjkjffghjk!! i don't deserve such kindness!!! -SOBS-

thank you very very very much!! i am very grateful!

this is Kohaku & Elis from Grand Guignol Orchestra. 8,D hope i didn't butcher em much OTL

sketch/early draft/etc

multi tasker!!! -points at self- :E

yeap. that's it. now i should start on the freelance project Q v Q all the best to me!!!!!


  1. you did this right? yeah ok never's really good you can draw well i can draw really good too >.<

  2. yes i drew this haha thank you. and it's good to know you can draw well too... i guess haha 8D

  3. KOHAKU LOOK SO LOVELY! You made him look so lovely!!! >w<
    I like it when people make Kohaku look so lovely.


  4. I Love Grand Guignol Orchestra! Awesome job! *tear tear* This manga needs a lot more attention!