Tuesday, May 10, 2011

butt is flat

as flat as the floor. as flat as the sides to them square/rectangle etc etc -facepalm- i spend more time sitting down more than anything else man!!!!

I thought this month i'll be like, the most free human being that has ever roamed the earth, but i guess i was wrong OTL was suddenly reminded of this doujin that i was suppose to submit by 1st of may (and the reminder was like... on the 7th OTL) was waaaaayyy behind schedule! OTL so i took like.. almost more than 3 days to do EVERYTHING. yes. by everything, i meant EVERYTHING. OTL i was so stressed. well, there's nobody else to blame but my own self i guess. it kinda slipped my mind OTL hahahhaha

some preview SOBS wish i could show, but... :E i guess i can't. yet... i guess XD not until the whole thing is done. not even sure whether they are making books or what honestly LOL! 8,D i had a fun stressful fun mostly stressful 3-4 days making this.
as i was cleaning up my desktop, i found this manga page for hre & italy SOBS!! seems lk, it'll never gonna be finished 8,D because of some change of plan & all. quite fond of this story myself tho (*cough* narcissist *cough*) maybe i'll make it like my own personal project & make like online web comic. maybe~

baww chibitalia BAWW!!

some other drawings that i did this month

my imaginary bf tqvm pfffttt

mayo x hijikata. requested by my friends during livestream. yes...

random random random

yeaaaaaahhhhhh. 8,D i have like... a lot of freelance illustration to finish!!! and some collaboration stuff. may.... go away plz OTL

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