Monday, May 16, 2011

8,D today was fun

woke up early & opened photoshop. finished my SiH : Hatori x Chiaki drawing & did some touch up in photoshop u.u

colored version here [link]

the colored version sucks 8,D didn't do them justice at all!! OTL OTL oh well... MOVING ON!!

did livestream too :E what did i draw?

KUSURIURI!!!! AAAUUUGGGHHHH OTL and i manage to sissy-fy him like... WAAAYYYYYY too much OTL should've get rid of that ghey hand OTL 8,D oh well

time: 1 hour 30min +
tool: photoshop :E

i don't even OTL

then went out with my parents. went to a shopping mall. my mom, has been hooked with the twilight saga series OTL (i dun even) so we all went to the dvd store & she bought all 3 dvds. twilight, new moon & eclipse. OTL she is an edward fan hahaha!

as for me, i bought 2 sketch books, bright blue & red inking pen, 1 mecha pencil & a spare putty eraser D: i couldn't find any markers T__T that shop didn't sell markers wtf!! i am sad!! T___T i really wanna get skin tones, & some desaturated green, blue, peach & maybe gray. a bit disappointed.

but managed to get 2 sketch books!!!! i guess it's not a huge failure today. it was hard for me to find a sketch book that really caught my eyes! I love them black hardcover type T v T imagine my face when i finally found some!! (though it still couldn't rival my current sketch book. black hardcover & the whole thing is like... more than 1/2 inch thick 8,D)

also bought those 2 colored pens. i figured since i always use different colors for my artwork's lineart in photoshop, why not try it in real life?! 8D ohooo so yeah!

been doing a lot of traditional work lately. 8,D i'm having serious fun!! aaahhh

p/s finally had a plate of fish & chips today too. been craving for them for so long!! yes.


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