Tuesday, May 31, 2011


so... wassup people OTL its been awhile since i've update my blog haha so like nothing interesting is going on cept for...


well nothing LOL!

so far last week, DICE finally decided on what book to do n all. will announce it when we've got to it LOL

I also sorta put down on order- well pre-order to be exact- of kuronuma sawako nendo too 8,D

image courtesy of TFM

well, which means... she's gonna be my FIRST nendo WOOHOO!! yes thank you thank you~~ stop the applause please yes yes~~ now that i'm on Level 2 for nendo collecting PFFFTT i shall try my best not to level up more than i already have (DAMN those figurine blogs & webs!) the next nendo i'm gonna get would probably be SiH if they ever made 1 haha! (yeah let's see how long you can keep them temptations out ifa LOL)

I've also finally secured the freelance job 8D WOOHOO!!! i'm gonna try my best in doing them this time. no more half ass job ifa plz T v T

also~~~ eeeto... 8,D well i heard Namco is releasing Tales of Xillia for the tales series 15th anniversary!! DEMMIT!!! the trailers looked AWESOME!

also they are releasing a sort of special ...err package? which comes out with a Tales of Xillia ps3 design, the game itself PLUS 2 NENDO FOR JUDE MATHIS & MILLIA MAXWELL!!! FFFFFF GOD DARNNIT!!!


photo courtesy of gen...gema...ok i can't rmmbr the name PFFTTT but here [link]

i swear i almost went bonkers just at the sight of it!!! JUDE!! I WANT YOU!! FFF i hope an English version will come out T___T like seriously. eventhough so far, rumors said that it'll probably not gonna be publish in english 8,D but after what happened with Tales of Graces F, well, i've put my hopes a bit high hahaha

which means, i'm gonna have to get them ps3 a.s.ap. what with ff versus 13, tales of xillia & hah believe it or not, Ninokuni XD (studio ghibli game :9) so i can't wait to get my paycheck! 8,D praise god for the freelance opportunity that i got SOBS

right. some artwork that i have done for the past... well since i last updated here in my blog~

and sketch request for May 2011

I am still not satisfied with the way i color OTL it's just... i don't know.... not satisfied LOL well, i guess this means i need to improve more!! OTL


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