Saturday, June 4, 2011


8,D after contemplating with myself whether I should get it or not, finally i did!! -SOBS-

so how did it happen? ok you probably wouldn't wanna read this crap, but 8,D i guess i'm typing it out anyway. sentimental value you know. can reminisce when i'm like already 80 yrs old or smthng.

so yesterday i decided to went out with my mom n sister. i need to deposit some money for my nendo sada.. i mean sawako & might as well check the price for ps3 in sony center. so yeaaahhh went to sony center... and somehow ended up buying it instead OTL

so the damage has been done 8,D is officially BROKE. B.R.O.K.E OTL OTL

decided to pick up the white one instead of black. which resulted it to not match the home theater system at all LOL!!! 8,D somehow i got the HDMI cable for free and i have to say, after connecting it to the 40" SONY BRAVIA tv, my eyes could bleed due to the sheer ossumness & sharpness of the image SOBS but it was just a test. wanted to test out the console on that tv. my mom suggested me to get my own tv instead to avoid any... arguments with the guys at home (sports channels... football... you noe, those stuff pfffttt) maybe someday. i have faaar exceeded my budget 8,D i swear to god i'm not gonna purchase anything anymore for the upcoming months SOBS

some pictures...

man i've always hated those wires hanging from the tv =A= why can't my mom just let the tv be on the table instead?! pffttt

tried going online with it 8,D HEY LOOK~~~ it's my blog LOLOLOLOL it looked so sharp on the tv!! even the color for the header looked better on tv OTL

and of course, i tried connecting my sony mp3 player to the console 8,D and listened to this song SOOOOBBBSSSSS (and some others of course)

i'm trying to figure out how to make the sound came out from all the speakers instead of just the tv -sigh- i suck. maybe i should re-check the wiring later on. u.u i wanna listen to songs with all them speakers T_T not just the tv hahaha

I have yet to register the warranty stuff for my ps3, and I am not sure about registering to PSN either 8,D is it safe already? SOBS T___T I don't even have a proper name created yet (still USER1 lol) tempted to put mooncake OTL or anything related to the moon OTL yes i suck... or maybe.. nah. will think properly later on. so yes! so far i don't really have any game yet, cept for some demo stuff (little big planet, that..err..fat princess game and others still haven't try em out yet) i need something awesome. will hunt for games later on 8,D not now HAH!!

anyway, continuing with the journey. after we went to sony center, did some grocery shopping & went to this steamboat place for dinner. 8,D it was ok~~ located SUPER close to the beach i tell you!! can actually enjoy the sunset SOBS the best thing about living near the coast 8,D beach + sunset aaahh~~

it was a certainly happy day yesterday 8,D tho have to rush my work like hell after i get back home PFFFTTT slept at 2..3 am -facepalm- so i refuse to do any work today! IT'S SUNDAY FOR GOD'S SAKE D,8 i'm gonna do some personal work instead!! (like finishing up the next persona artwork i'm doing HAH!)

p/s still getting the hang of the ps3 :9 looking forward to awesome gaming experience in the future. not now... the future... 8,D


  1. WOOHHOOOOO PS3!! YEAH MAN! ADD ME IN YOUR PSN! miyavihoney, i think its okay la the PSN.. it only dangerous to people who connect psn to their credit cards/ pay pal etc

  2. OKAY HANI!!!! 8D will add you asap!! <3<3<3