Sunday, June 19, 2011

dumping recent work here!!

need to get back to *yawn* work.......

did more persona crossovers 8D hahahaha ideas courtesy of a few friends of mine~

of course more takano & ritsu from sekaiichi hatsukoi too!! it's a must to draw them 8D

have some detective conan/ shinichi/ kaito kid (albeit just his hand LOL)

last night i just couldn't sleep!!!! @___@ so i just HAD to draw something... but it probably wasn't the best idea since the only thing in my head was kaito x shinichi OTL!! and look what turned out..


*burns drawing* this will never see the light... NEVER!!! -facepalm-

also some rakugaki i did for tiger & bunny 8D

yeahhhh.... OK BACK TO WORK!!! WORK WORK WORK!!!!! OTL

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