Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fireflies in the Garden

i considered myself lucky to stumble upon this movie while i was browsing through the movie channels. tho the movie already started for abt 10 minutes when i get to star movies.

there is just something about this movie that struck me. it's just so... real. a story about a troubled family, how a loss of someone dear somehow bring them all back to the past (not time travelling kinda past...ok you probably knew that pffft) and slowly towards the road of reconciliation & changes. the whole movie is slow paced but instead of boring me, it somehow made me feel so relaxed. the actors & actresses really brings out the feel more. they really did a great job! the soundtrack is very very nice. it suits the whole movie perfectly. i really do feel at ease watching this movie 8,D despite all the... things the father did to the son T v T

"The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy." -IMDb

ryan reynolds look so GOOD in here!!! (yes.. i used good instead of hot, or handsome... etc etc because i think good fits him perfectly in this movie LOL) i love it the way he remembers his mother i can really feel the love 8,D i can really feel how each individual have their own way of showing their love. 8,D it's beautiful T v T

so anyway!! i think i'd like to recommend this to people :E i love any movie that is related to family, the problem they face & they way they work out on a solution in the end. it's nice to see something that is... well... realistic i guess :3

here's the trailer. (i lol-ed at the opening audio. somehow doesn't fit the movie in general LOL)

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