Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 2011 loots

OMFG!!!! finally the last item that i purchased arrived todaaaaayyyy!!!!!!! I AM POSSIBLY THE MOST HAPPY PERSON THAT HAVE EVER ROAMED THE EARTH TODAY!!! ASDFGHJKJHGF!!!!

promised myself to take pictures of the 2 items once it arrived 8,D and here goes!!!

1st thing that I bought was Professor Layton & the Unwound Future. 8,D my love for professor layton/luke & puzzles are unparalleled LOL ok i am exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea. :E it was a tough decision to make since from the start, i've been targeting Okamiden even before it was released. and not to mention the sole purpose of me buying a DS is because of okamiden. TvT i guess in the end, professor layton won the fight. hahaha. I could play professor layton over & over again!! believe me. 8,D

and this would be my 1st ever purchase online from Play-Asia I am a satisfied customer 8,D

is still in love with my ds' color & the rainbow strap 8,D

Next!!! OMG!!! i could've sworn my blood was boiling with excitement the moment the package was delivered!!! -weeps- couldn't stop squealing & screaming & jumping!!!

It's KAZUAKI ARTWORKS artbook!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! -head bang wall- I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I COULD JUST.... -jumps off building-

it is VERY thick! is a happy customer/fan 8,D

to be honest, i'm not even a Kazuaki fan till early last month pffftttt I rmmbred a friend showed me her artworks before (starry sky), but didn't really interest me much i guess. but one day, i saw some dude on tumblr posted Kazuaki's stuff, and i was hooked 8,D and so I bought this HAHAHA!! her stuff is sooooo my thing!

I really wanna thank my friend who bought this for me from across the sea. TvT I was quite worried about the delivery but i guess everything turned out ok in the end. not even a single scratch to the book!! it arrived in perfect condition!!!!!!! so lucky to be having this because my friend's sister is working at Kinokuniya & she can get employee discount!!! TALK ABOUT LUCK!! OMG!!!!! 8,D

the waiting is the worst part. even my sister & niece noticed my head will turn out the window every few seconds to see whether the postman has arrived or not pfffttt. it came to the point where i wanted to shout at all those unrelated cars that passed by to use a different road instead!!! PFFFTTTT so now, i shall be in peace -inhale, exhale-

OK!! time to appreciate good art/book 8,D


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