Saturday, April 30, 2011

omg it's may

8,D what happened to april??!!! OTL OTL OTL

more april sketch dumps pfffttt coz i'm ossum like that -slapself-

did a lot of pencil sketches lately & also inked some. 8,D enjoyed it tremendously since i did all my stuff mostly on computer.

and i'm currently trying to finish all my commissions OTL doing this one (picture below) right now. 8,D don't know what got into me. drawing violin again OTL OTL oh well. this is so far enjoyable :9

look at the amount of layers _-_ ;; pffftttt

some other random quick doodle/drawing

fwah, almost 90% are drawing of guys haahahaahahaha!! -shrug-

8,D can't wait till monday. i hope i will receive my artbook by then. after i got my package, can't wait to update on my spoils of war OTL OTL

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