Monday, April 11, 2011

things that i drew recently

-yawn- actually wasn't planning on updating my blog when i opened blogger. I was sure I'm supposed to do something else, but i can't rmmbr what. so I figured, i might as well do a bit of update here. hahaha. it feels kinda dead LOL

i really wish to improve more. so envious looking at other talented bast.. i mean... talented artist! -cough- but i've since long removed those depressing thoughts like... how good they are & how shitty I am kinda thinking. there's no use being so negative pffftt (even if i kinda did it sometimes haha) i just have to keep practicing. yes. i am very glad to be one of those type of people who get easily motivated whenever i look at awesome works! ... and gets easily depressed too.......... -cricket sound-


some commissioned works~

some random personal work (more like a result of procrastination LOL)

the below sketches are... SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI!!!!!! I LOVE SiH!!!!! i baaawwwww-ed non-stop while watching the anime hahhaha!!

and kiki. this was actually just for fun. tried to draw with left hand,
and compare it with my right hand OLOLOLOL!!!

YEAP~~~ that is it!!! 8D gonna update 1 more time later on on what have i been up to lately hahaha now i shall bathe & hunt for food OTL

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