Thursday, March 31, 2011

what lie suits me today?

it's april fool~ so 1 of the ppl that I followed on twitter posted this link where i can actually analyze what lie suits me for april fool. and guess what was the result...

" 彼氏できた " (got myself a boyfriend)

Q A Q HOW CRUEL WAS THAT!!!!??? -hugs pillar & weep- pretty sure ppl would go "oh yeah she's definitely lying pffff" the second they saw that!!!!!!!!!! that analyzing thingy is good. ou yeah.. it's good -punch wall- not gonna lie today LOL

neways!! did some whisper of the heart fanart!! 8,D

made it big enough to be a wallpaper as requested by a dear friend of mine Q v O Whisper of the Heart is my most fav movie by studio Ghibli and making a fanart of this made me really happy!! I feel like i've completed my mission or smthng lk that hahahaha XD the violin was pain but fun to do! -thumb- now I'm thinking of drawing Ponyo, but i've got commissions to finish 8,D i guess it'll have to wait!

my friend suggested me to print out all my studio Ghibli fanart on pretty paper & send it to studio Ghibli Q v O this is like, 1 of the most brilliant idea i've heard of recently!! ololol if I can send it in a form of postcards, it'll be nice~ since i really do ADORE studio Ghibli works! I will try and draw ponyo, another howl & maybe the cat returns. I wonder if it'll reach them~~ -sigh- now i need to research on their address hahaha GO IFA GO!!!!!!!!

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