Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spirited Away

i went out yesterday with my dad n lil brother, they wanted to go to some education expo, but i'm not. So my dad dropped me off at some shopping mall & the 1st place i went to was 8,D shop that sells cd! OLOLOL!!! I bought myself Studio Ghibli dvd box set since the one that I bought before SUCK =_= NEVER EVER buy dvds from bookstore PFFFTT!!! quality is sooo low!! dvd my arse. I also bought Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva 8,D I am a very very VERY happy fangirl SOOOBBBSSSS

So i woke up early today (somewhere arnd 6-7 am) and watched Howl's Moving Castle for the 3456784567 times 8,D and then proceed to professor layton. but due to a lot of "distractions" (since ppl are already up & about pfffttt) i stopped watching & it wasn't even half way, not even quarter way LOLOLOL!!

then i went up to my room & decided to continue watching studio ghibli instead. so finally, for the 1st time, i watched Spirited Away!!! 8,D OH IT WAS UNDOUBTEDLY GOOD!!!!!! and of course i feel seriously motivated afterwards and did a fanart for it

THIS WAS SERIOUSLY FUN TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!! i enjoyed it!!! didn't even procrastinate!!!!!! Q v O yeap!!!

tool: usual~


  1. Hello there,
    Um,I don't know if I've comment here AGAIN or not,so,first of all I'd say sorry.Regardless, I'm asking your permission if I can "take" the spirited away pic of yours? can I? If you know what I meant.
    I'm truly sorry if that have offended you.
    Anyway, your artwork is nice. Thanks.

  2. alksdhkfsd omg ifa, so pretty *A* ~! the detail of everything is beyond the word beautiful. i guess the word would be astonishing <33

    (lolol you could probably guess who i am by the way i comment XD)

  3. KELSEY!!!!!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKJHGFGHJ!!!!! YOU'RE HERE!!! SDFGHJHGFGHJ!!!! XD hahahahahahha!!!