Monday, March 21, 2011

lazy monster on my shoulder

OTL i tried to make it my habit drawing at least 1 thing per day, but recently, my body feels very very heavy! i would spend my time on my bed, reading novels or playing ps2 (replaying okami!) sigh. so last week, I didn't touch photoshop for at least 2...3 days!!! imagine that! OAO was kinda guilty & worried (that i'd forget how to draw LOL!) so decided I just HAVE to DRAW something!! OAQ

so here's all the stuff that i managed to force myself into doing OTL

was super lazy but I managed to force myself into drawing something, and those 2 up there was created. OTL hence the bad quality n all haha

and also an abandoned artwork which I couldn't find it in me to abandon it any longer LOL! forced myself to finish this too. though i had fun doing it in the end hahahaha!!! w.i.p here

and simple drawing for project HOPE for japan T____T I really wanna lend a hand anyway I can to Japan. seriously Q ______ Q

so yeah~ that is it. now i have to urge to draw spamano..... & watch disney's hercules........ i thnk i'll go with hercules 1st hahaha

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