Friday, March 11, 2011

please be safe

T___T as you guys have known abt the tragedy that have fallen on japan. Was quite worried when there was rumors stating that the tsunami will reach borneo too!! and since I was living somewhere in the borneo, and particularly Sabah, that news kinda made me worried you know. to think that i live near the coastal area too!!! OTL OTL OTL i don't even dare look out my window at the sea OTL OTL OTL

so after we heard the news, my dad quickly asked us to save all them important documents 1st. so we brought em all up to the 2nd floor. they said the sea level will increase starting from 6pm till midnight, and it was almost 5 when we were saving all them files n all.

so when i was abt to get out of the house, i looked around at the neighborhood... guess what I saw?

feel like head desk-ing for 1 straight hour believe me OTL OTL THAT UNCLE WAS BURNING HIS RUBBISH CASUALLY!!!!!! I was like...... excuse me~ tsunami? earthquake? japan? stay away from coastal area? hello???????!!!

OTL i don't even. I realized it was not only HIM... basically the whole neighborhood was acting as if nothing happened!!! OTL some was lounging on their balcony, some kids playing football in the park AND EVEN SOME FOREIGNERS PLAYING AT THE BEACH!!!!! WHAT THE FFFF!!!!!!!


at least nothing bad happened... but seriously, if something really big happened here, i dread the death rates OTL seeing by how ignorant they are towards what happened OTL or was it just us, who took things too seriously? OTL OTL i don't even...

but then amidst all the worries & stuff TwT I am happy to received a lot of tweets from my friend asking me to be safe & take cover. SOBS thank you guys!!! Q A Q twitter really really ought to win some award for this. it really is convenient when it comes to incident such as this.

I am grateful to be safe T___T also thankful for having good people all around me SOBS!!!! I wish everything in japan will be fine.

p/s and to those who spreads false rumors concerning people's death....... well, go jump off a building plz =_= ;;;;; wtf

p/ss was REALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY MANGAS!! OTL & computer Q A Q what if things really do happen & I couldn't save em???!!! OMG!!!! life comes 1st i guess SOBS


on other note,

8D an artist said that my drawings reminds her or give her this feeling of Pallas' rosefinch. OLOLOLOL!! interesting!!!!!

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