Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

I know i am outdated on recommending this (which pains me greatly) but hey, it's never too late when it comes to sharing great stuff now is there?


haven't been doing any manga recommendation for awhile now. Last night while i was drawing, I decided to take a break & just randomly download some shoujo mangas. IT SUCK. =_= ;; i mean like seriously. I downloaded a few of em and only 1 is worth keeping (even if I only understand like...75% of the story LOOLLL!!! will try & read it again someday I guess) pffft quite disappointed.

then I figured, maybe it's better for me to know what I wanna read & download rather than downloading crappy mangas. so i opted to search for 1 of my favorite genre, GENDER BENDER! 8D~ ahaann~

then I found Tokyo Crazy Paradise. the drawing looked very old fashion (published in 1996 if i'm not mistaken), but i know sometimes, a manga with this kind of style must be a good manga! so decided to download it.

AND IT WAS GOOD! well at least it was up to my standard. good enough to make me read the whole 19 volumes in less than 12 hours.

well it is good! i am not really good at giving reviews on stuff, but good stuff, is good! OTL good amount of humor, action, romance, & other stuff.


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