Thursday, March 10, 2011

some pictures & what's in my head

did some photography session yesterday...albeit a very poorly done photoshoot 8,D i suck at it so much i don't even... and no, i am not trying to fish for words of comfort either. LOL!! SO HERE!!!!

buruma ish shooo cute 8,D still can't help wondering how she ended up with vegeta. OTL

suno!! she's a cute little girl that helped goku once. rmmbr that snow village & red ribbon? yeah

oolong _-_ no comment. tho kinda looked cute here LOL!!

uuhhh should have use the other angle photo, but kinda deleted it ahaa~ oh well...

my fandom for dragon ball OTL OTL OTL OTL OTL it's just too awesome i can't help it!! OTL I also snapped a picture of cloud dissidia version. bought the box thing. you know~ the one which you won't know what you'll get till you open it? ahahaha was hoping I could get either zidane or squall tho PFFFF SAD. well at least it's not tidus.

kinda like his pants. the foldings n all. the details are quite good for a cheap thing... well it's not really cheap OTL affordable once in awhile. i guess...


some of my friends were having this "what was your ambition when you were a little kid?" talk on twitter, and it struck me how I was indecisive now as I was back then T__T ;; i mean... come on!!! i wanted to be a policeman, a doctor, radio host & even anchor woman!! i mean like... SERIOUSLY?!! i can talk loads of crap no doubt PFFFTTT & now... I am still unsure about what I wanna be T_T and I can't even put "when I grow up" at the back of that sentence PFFTT actually, i thnk i have decided on what I wanna do (so not convincing OTL). what I wish I could do & become! but i just.... don't know how to take that 1st step towards my dream!

It's like... I wanna become this but will this bring me to the right path? & by that i meant education wise. i'm getting myself a degree, but, I don't know... I'm really scared of choosing the wrong choice for my major. somebody told me it doesn't matter what degree you wanna get, which university you are enrolling into, the most important thing is the degree cert! and while you are doing that, you can always do some side business like drawing, sell books do something you like etc etc etc etc etc. but i don't want to just get a degree!! I want to learn what i really want to learn!! i wanna make the most out of it! not just for the sake of getting the qualification in the end but during the whole years in uni, i hated everything and wasted my time there without having "fun" and gaining anything out of it. I wanna learn what I am interested in & do side stuff too! life is too short to be wasted on things i don't even wanna do!

so for now, even if i am actually neeting *COUGH* I'm gonna try my best to improve on what I really wanna improve on. learn a lot of things from stuff that i read or have seen. I really really really wanna improve more!!!!! even if it's just for a tiny bit, I really really really wanna get closer to my dream.

so what is my ambition now? I wanna be a happy person, doing things that makes me feel happy & fulfilled. I know some would say "oh keep on dreaming, life is not that simple/easy" then for you who think like this, i really do pity you. ;D


PEACE & OUT!!!!!


  1. warrghhh DBZ thinggiieess i got same one duduk on dragon ball but only got goku and vegeta xD