Saturday, May 17, 2008

holy holiday~

phew!! so many things happened during my holidays xD well... the BIGGEST part of it was.. spending time with my family!!! hahahaha!!

actually at 1st, we didn't think of going anywhere but thanks to the random idea of me, my sis n my dad (well we were sitting together at the dining table talking bout random stuff) xD this whole trip was set! xD

we went to the hot spring PORING!!!! so our journey starts at 9 - 10 am.. on the way.. we saw the peak of Gunung Kinabalu (Mt. Kinabalu) and I was like craving to take picture of it. (talk about not seeing Mt. Kinabalu for a very very very long time!! perrgghh!!) So my dad stop at this empty area where we took a picture together! xD hahaha! my mom was the one who took she's not in the pic.

can u see how stylish i am?? (SLAP!!! xD) wahahahahaha!!!

on the way to the hot spring =3 it's like we're going jungle tracking or sumthin~

after we had our bath =w= so refreshing btw~ we decided to challenge ourselves with the canopy walk! >A> WHICH I almost give up. Like who would've thought that to reach the canopy walk, we need to CLIMB the hills!! like couple hundreds meter! It is very very very HARD!! OAO (well at least i felt hard) xD keep holding to my dad LOL! they all laugh at me hahaha! i think i got some breathing problem also.. =A= whenever i do this tiring activities (eventhough just for awhile) i while have some difficulties in breathing! OAO ...or maybe it's just lack of stamina.. hahaha! xD can't help it! i'm not the sporty type =3=

anyway! i was forced to climb by my sister and dad >.> well.. whaddya know.. i reached it >.> safe and sound..though i felt a bit dizzy afterwards. It was worth it! going down the hills (i think it's a mountain) xD was easier~ and much more fun than going up.


=3= got tease the whole day after that...darn!

despite all the teasings, i brace myself for yet another adventure!! (slap) xD we went to the TEA GARDEN! =D the 1st thing i asked my dad when he told us about going to the tea garden was "we don't need to climb any hills right?" hahahaha!

it was fun!! the scenery at the garden was very nice! though pity we went there a bit too late. There was no more food and they only serve tea..and we were all starving to death! but we manage somehow.. i ordered PANDAN MILK TEA and it's delicious!! TTwTT oh i feel like drinking it again!

u guys should come here at least once >w
after all the sight dad drove straight away to Kota Kinabalu. so hungry! but along the way.. there's fog! like OMG!! there's no such thing in Sunway OK~ >A> there's only vehicles smoke everywhere >.> i love Sabah~

see how thick it is? xD wheee!! it's freezing!

it's so good that some of the places in Sabah still haven't been touch by the human hands!! even some areas like Kundasang have no more fogs TAT and it's freakingly hot over there!! not like old times..sigh..development.. ada salah, tak ada pun salah... sigh~

sunset xD almost reached KK~ and the 1st thing we thought of when we reached there.. yup.. FOOD u__u

it's a very exiting day for me. haven't been on holiday with my family for a very long time already aww.. i miss them so much!! i'll try my best to get my butt back home every holiday!! I DON'T CARE!! xD

p/s xD my niece.. posing in the hotel room >w> she likes to take picture =3= cih~

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