Sunday, April 6, 2008


well..i'm not gonna update the melaka trip ones because i think most of u guys already update that one.. =w= so yeah~

so i'm back in Sabah!!  i'm the last one to get out of the airport.. i mean...u noe the luggage thingy~ >.> waited for almost 30 minutes also.. for my iMac to get out of the cargo >.> which turned out in the end to be with this...guy (who works there) he was holding the thing for me...thank god u__u ; quite surprised at AirAsia for saying "we won't be responsible for anything that happens to this thing~" during check in.. like..FISH THEM!!! OAO and even with all the fragile (well..only 2 straps of fragile sign) >.> they still THROW yes...THROW!!!! my iMac into the cargo...did I mention they THREW it?!!!!!! LIKE WTF!!!! I CAN SEE OK!! because i was sitting near the window..n can see them THROWING the stuff happily... laughing and THROWING .. thank god the iMac packaging is super firm.. if not.. i'll curse airasia.. yes...i will so i arrived... n my mom checked us in Imperial Hotel =w= yes.. usually stay in hotels when we come down to KK (kota kinabalu) sad huh? .. then...we sat for awhile discussing bout what to eat~ so finally.. we decided to eat seafood!! i dun really agree at 1st >A> but.. majority wants heck..i just followed~ xD but i enjoyed it at the same time~ ....the total >.> RM268.08 thats why i don't agree on their choice =A= ; wasted money!!! but xD filling~ wahahha!! except for my niece =3= keep saying "cicak cicak" (cicak = lizard) and point to the prawns.. so she didn't eat any because she was scared...n my mom made it even worst =w= ;; terrifying her with the prawn LOL xD oh well~

these creatures are huge!! OAO

i..don't dare to eat this =A= ;; my dad said "this is hermit crab" WTH!

appetizer~ =D my mom look like.. those datin-datin xD rofl!

then we get back to the hotel~ and went down together with my mom, sisters & brother to buy some stuff (they forgot their toothbrush) so went to guardian...then went to....umm...starbucks xD at 1st we couldn't decide between starbucks or yogur berry but yeaa~~ starbucks won~ i suggested my mom to try out caramel machiato the subject for our presentation for 1st term xD she quite like it~ yay~ i didn't buy anything..not in the mood to drink.


then back in hotel... gave all of the guys the stuff that i bought for them~ my brother n sisters some balloon thingy xD haha and pick up sticks. my mom bracelet that i bought during my trip in Melaka~ it was from Bali xD she like it~ n coincidentally the colour matched her baju kurung that she's gonna wear tomorrow~ w00t .. and my dad i bought him Slinky! =D wat's slinky? here~ xD

and he likes it too..he's been searching for it for ages 

my niece keep saying 'sinki, sinki' xD (sinki = sink; for washing hands etc) 
then..tmrrw morning we went out and have breakfast~ pack our sister was holding this J.Co donut u see & when we were in the lift I heard ppl talking, more like whispering xD "J.Co? where did they get it?!!" i was holding back my laugh xD then we went to the parking lot 1st ..and my mom went down to pay the room. then when she get into the car~ she told us that the people in the lift just now was saying out loud "where did they buy the J.Co?!! so far i don't think J.Co is here in Sabah yet! " LOL!! maybe they tought my mom wasn't related to us or something that's why they speak it out loud xD hahahaha!! oh well~ 

lol..she's just interested in the toppings >w> ;; 

my niece, Nana~ playing with my hat =3= the hat looks bigger than her 100x lol

went shopping again.. =w= well I went to speedy to look around.. xD then the whole "gang" appeared... >w>  and again...wasted RM200+ on CD's =A= ;; well... i can't say anything also.. my mom bought this Sean Ghazi cd OH! it's AWESOME!!!! ;w; worth buying!!! i bought..well my dad bought Engelbert cd!! YAY!!!! LOVE IT! my sis...Siti Nurhaliza >_> ;; n my niece.. Elmo 's world LOL and i think got some others...i can't remember~ =3= ; but most of it worth to collect~ =D

Engelbert 40th Anniversary cd! OMG!! my precious! OoO we went home...finished J.Co ;w; (my sis : I WANT MORE!! ) didn't noe it'll be quite a hit xD LOL maybe next time i'll buy 2 dozens yeaa~

so at home...xD still haven't done anything~ YET! decided to take couple of days off for now.. maybe will start work tmrw or the day after tmrw~ so yeah~ later~~ xD somebody wanna use the internet >.> cis

p/s OH YES!!! I BOUGHT ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS VCD! OAO shud've bought the DVD DARN!!! quality bad =A= ;;

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