Thursday, March 27, 2008

tears in my eye

actually no >.> ;; lol!
was watching I Liter of Tears ;w; SAD!!! ;w; very touching actually...>.> just that SOMEBODY distracted me...with perspective... WHICH i already done mine!! (ok..not really xD) >.> itulah...buat kerja last minit xD wahahaahah


1 liter of tears ;w; I won't spoil u guys with the either you watch it online...xD or~~ borrow from me ROFL!!! but i haven't finish watching yet ;3; kenot concentrate!! even sad-sad scene oso I became... expression-less =w= will watch other time lah~ =D

based on a true story.. whereas the real person herself wrote this diary for her...well...journey before...she...she... *tears* can read here..been translated in several languages by fans ;w; oh...i'm so touched~~!

tomorrow..>.> Melaka trip..cis.. i'm so poor!!!! OAO ;; rofl!!! well...i'll try and have fun.. hope got halal food there... ;w; if not... i'll just havta starve =A= ; so yeaa~ will be back with updates~ =D


  1. oh i didnt know u got another blog...tat it i'm adding u ....hohoho...the movie look kind of sad le. so....'I WILL NO WATCH IT, I DONTWAN TO FEEL SAD'---cauz she will die in the end.*cry*

  2. erm...can i have ur link? stupid me..