Monday, March 3, 2008


LOOKY HERE!!!! OwO i created a blogspot blog!!! ROFL !!!!

ok...actually~ i used to have one pretty embarassing... AND i can't remember the address already~ so....oh well~~ like i care~~ i am sorry l*vej*ournal u__u (is censorship necessary here? xD AR! just in case lah~ ) so yeaa~~ glad to meet your acquaintance~ *winks*

actually at 1st i wanna put my journal's title and url to IFA's HAREM....but due to some tiny bit of "ifa's sense" that still lives in me...i ditched it xD ....but somehow i still think it's quite nice >3>  *slap*

so yeaa~ enough for the introduction!
oh wait.. i haven't introduce myself! O3O

IFFAH is my name~ xD 
(well different community will call me with different names.. like.. NAO or OREN ..seriously)
is still 18 rite now~ heheh~~ till coming of 17th JUNE >w> darn

well...a college student =_= slapself.. THE ONE ACADEMY

loves bookshop,manga,anime,! yes!
aiyaa~ i noe u guys noe me wan~~ xD so no need the fancy2 intro lah!

OH!! is a MULTIMEDIA student!! and happy with it! >=3
=A= i wonder if i should put all my previous journal in here...errmm.. =_=

p/s terima kasih kepada OLALA >.> for the support in opening a blogspot blog again.. *slap* oh n kah rou oso.. (she asked me once..but just too lazy to do xD heh~)

so yeah~