Monday, March 24, 2008

another fun day

went to Muzium Negara with friends~ it was a very fun....funny...trip swt xD then we went to this park.. i forgot the name =w= got lotsa mosquitoes =A= ; i can feel my blood draining away~~ *faint* lol! xD

but we had fun~ 

had lunch at Chicken Rice Shop~ SAVE THE CHICKENS!!!! *eat* then me and olala had dinner at Kenny Roger Roaster...SAVE THE CHICKENS!!! AGAIN!!! *eateat* slap =A= ;
i bought 2 stuff today =D a shirt at KL Sentral and a hat at Sunway Pyramid =D look look!!

some top with those feathery neck xD can't wait to show off to my sister back home~
price : RM29

a hat~~ from Warehouse, Sunway Pyramid. =D KARO!! lets go to Warehouse again!!
price : RM36.90 ..?

...*choked* AHEM!!! AHEM!!!

sorry bout the messy background =p
i didn't buy the book that i mentioned on my previous post!! *cries + slap orilia*

OK!!! lets talk bout fashion!! ..ok..i noe i suck at it.. >.> but yeaa... =D you guys know VIVIENNE WESTWOOD?! one of the most extraordinary fashion designer out there!! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!! *faint* well.. for those who doesn't know her.. remember the armor ring that Nana always wear on her middle finger? =3 yup.. the one that looked UBER cool!!! here..lemme show you..
=D isn't this just awesome or what?!

i shud've buy it when i saw it last last term!! DARN!!! well.. i guess i just have to order this thing..maybe? ^A^ ;
there's other awesome stuff by vivienne =D u guys shud check her out~ u won't regret it~ trust me >=D

a bit of her biography ;

she looks like a playful person xD

Dame Vivienne Westwood, born 8 April 1941, is an English fashion designer largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.
She is linked with the Sex Pistols via Malcolm McLaren and their SEX / Seditionaries boutique on Sunset Boulevard,in London during the 1970s.

for more urself =p
i just love her ring!! OAO

not only that, she also design clothes, shoes, accesories and perfumes.

well.. i better get some shut eye~ later~~


  1. hello ifa!!! remember me? xD

    eh eh my roommate went to Taiwan few weeks ago and she went to this Vivienne Westwood store and bought a necklace that costs almost RM 800. said it's the cheapest stuff in the store *hit the wall*

  2. APA?!!! SLAP U IFA!! sendiri tak mau beli bah!

    i shall post photos of u from the muzium negara. hmpf. :D

  3. ORILIA!!! KURANG ASAM!! *slap* OAO

    jing jing!!! xD hello!!!!!!! a good price *hit the wall* ;3; BUT!!! can find cheap2 one in malaysia!!! if u noe wat i mean~ *cough*

  4. IFA! that hat i want also! *steals* XD actually i also wanted to buy that but too yea XD let's go warehouse againnnnn!!!!

  5. yeah yeah i know wat u mean =p