Wednesday, March 12, 2008


xD been thinking whether i should write about this one or not... hmm.. heck..maybe i should~ xD haven't update for a very long time o.o ||| swt. so, here goes~
before the last presentation for Digital Design for multimedia~ we had the batik presentation LOL.. my group; me, kah rou and the leader becher~ did a theme related to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE u__u yes.. we know it sounds cheesy but heck it was a very fun (and depressing) experienced. not only do we have to do 1 x 1 meter of batik, but also 3 items which we're gonna put our design on. SO! our item was~ lamp, scarf and doll. we were so depressed when we looked at other groups' work..their set-up for the final pre
sentation was like..WOW and ours were like.. uh-huh... =w= well we weren't expecting any SET
TING UP for the final! OAO so yeaa~ but.. we did our best (i think) and some of our classmates KINDA like our product and the concept >A<>

BUDDY!! (our doll) 

we took florence nightingale's characteristic for her~
i love my group so much!! some of the group went a lil bit out of good term with each other because of this assignment (only for awhile xD) but somehow this batik makes our group more close with each other! >w<>


so..after presentation, we went to pizza hut for tho most of the time i can't get what they're talking about =A= ; so i just sat quietly MOST of the time..oh well

fanny, szu jin, patrick and kevin

lock yi with fork lol

szu jin is cute xD

blurry yet shiny empty pizza pan! xD

the whole thing cost me RM10 =D the more ppl the cheaper it gets YAY xD

so..3 days before my final presentation for Digital Design, my auntie brought me to this business networking thing. =A= well.. it was fun but i sorta got lost in the middle of the thing when they started to talk about $ swt

but they sure are noisy and active xD and the food was great! OwO

PICC (putrajaya international convention centre)

see how lively they were

took some shots on my way home.. this kind of time makes me wish that i have a better quality camera instead of my blurry phone camera swt

putrajaya is a very interesting place. (boring tho =p)

so yeah,this business networking thing is called SYN.. Steven "something" Networking =w= can really make ppl rich? i wonder where di all the money came from.. i got a headache when i was in the hall because of this thing that they burn (some sort of oil that gives out fragrance that can cure i heard. it was part of their product) it makes me hard to breathe =A= so i had to close my nose in a polite way *cough* so that they won't get offended =3=

met lotsa rich ppl there.. even got some local artist! meet her outside the toilet.. i'm not her fan or anything but her face just seems familiar. till 2 of her guy friends came and they talk something bout 

guy A : hey~ this is the girl~ she came from a very high reputation family bla bla..
guy B : oh yes yes~! nice to meet you!
girl : eh no la~ u also came from a great family rite?
guy B : well~~

then i decided i couldn't stand their "drama" anymore~and walk away
so what?! =_= high status, high reputation yaadaa yaadaa~ =A= it's crap~ oh well, not my problem anyway~ typical malaysian sheesh~

so..went back home after that and sleep~ interesting day~

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