Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 more birthday day~

in d'sayang lol well..there's no other place...wat can i say~

the cake =w=

i got the strawberry!!! YAY!

well.. that's about it.. =w= birthdays~ haa........

I'M HUNGRY!!!! OAO ;;;; 
i feel like eating daifuku again ;w; orilia!! but for me!!! red bean punya!! xD

daifuku daifuku~~~

OH!!! orilia passed me a cool video of this Russian artist.. OAO HE IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! (in singing..and looks xD) he can sing a very high pitch tone!!! OAO like those soprano singer! but in a very manly way LOL!! xD (sound a bit girly la.. JUST A BIT!!)

i recommend you to listen to Opera #2 song.. very nice!! i tried sooo hard to find his songs!!! and i found em!! pretty good! for a language that ican't even understand.. swt so yeaa~~ check him out!! <3

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