Thursday, July 3, 2008

chi's sweet home

UCHI KAERU!!! ;w; nyaa! LOL!! found new anime to drool n scream on!!! YAY!!!!! CHI'S SWEET HOME! a story about a cat that was separated from its mother and was picked by other people. but actually, the only thing that it wants is to go back home.

IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! ;w; (chopper too) but OMG!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING KRYN!!! ;w; u knew i love love love love love love love love love love cat so much!!!!!!!!! ;w; CHI IS SHOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! i can't stop my "awwww" and "AAAWWWWW" everytime! AWWWW I WAN A CAT!!!! OLALA!!! KARO!!! ;3; CAT CAT!!!!

this anime is better than any anime i've ever watch!!!! ;w; (cept one piece xD ...n samurai champloo..ahem!)


KRYYYNN!!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!! and thanks for the wonderful gift!!!!!! ;w; ur so baik hati!! i feel so guilty ;A; ouu... belanja u makan when we meet someday!!!! xD see wat i got...

JANG JANG!!!!! xD Persona 3 FES! ;A; it is soooo hard to find here!! b00! i envy u kryn!! xD THANKS NA!!!

so many things to talk about..but so lazy to type TAT laterlah~! me and karo round the whole shopping mall today O.o wow xD destress...? yet again............ANYWAY!!! i better go TwT LATER! *sleepsleep*

**to do list**

4-buy game for mom =A=