Friday, July 11, 2008

new work, old me

omg...i've been procrastinating a lot lately man! eventhough  there's like a lot of work to do.. oh gosh ;x; what is happening to me??!!!! (maybe just pure lazy xD) hahahahahahahahahaha! so anyway.. i did this yesterday and finished it today..

character : Anak-su-namun 
medium : OpenCanvas3.0+ , photoshopcs3
reference(s) : my face 8D ..YEAH RIGHT! *slapself* actually no references were used.. lalala
inspiration? : The Mummy movie 8D OAO still got time to do this???!!! HOMGWTHBBQCHICKEN!...but actually i started to draw after i finished my design method ; postcard design i guess it's..err...ok..? *cough* my hand's getting a bit rusty..*sigh*...shud i share my postcards with you guys? ... hmm... maybe i should!! YEAH! gimme some oppinion na!! >=D client is Gary Teo =D yes..THE gary .. so my whole theme is "RANDOMNESS" because he's random that sometimes took me sometimes to understand what he's trying to say hahaha xD sorry gary~ so sometimes...when i talk bout something..something else will came out from him.. so Expect The Unexpected xD it's all done in photoshop + illustrator for the wordings. it's a bit messy... TwT need to change here and there.. so the lecturer said la~ i agree tho *cough* can't really see my collage xD ; overloaded with textures... ahahahaha... im so not good in this man! ;x; SWT HELP ME!! ;w; ...(i used sometimes a lot 8D)

I WANNA WATCH HELLBOY!! OAO DARNIT! nobody wanna accompany me.. ish.. so sad! 

n my flash!!! OMG!!!! dun wanna talk bout this! xD can't stop laughing everytime i preview it man! hahahaha! xD but yeaa...i had a great time finding sounds!!! thank god i love to collect all those soundtracks and all! i know it'll come handy someday!! xD

so anyway...i totally forgot what to write already... i shud jot down some points before i blog!!! ISH! well..i better go... EXAM TMRW!! AND I'M UPDATING BLOG!!! HOMG! xD 
will update properly when i am 110% free!!!!!



  1. jot down points?!!

    tulis essay kah?!!!


    ifa tua edy. lalalala...

  2. wow.. u're so good with ur drawing.. do a shoe for me la... o_0

  3. orilia : SHADAAAAP!!! >=O least i'm younger than YOU! MWAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! xD

    shoeaholic : 8D wat shoe u want? LOL xDDD