Saturday, July 12, 2008

orchestra de nodame

8D ok..i think i'll save the best part later after i told this story 1st..

today..i had my islamic studies test. well.. i think i did ooook.. not GOOD..but oook ..serves me right for not attending class the week before. OF ALL TIMES TO BE ABSENT!! WHY MUST IT BE THE WEEK BEFORE AN EXAM!??! i missed the notes! so that means i didn't study it! it was like VERY THICK man!!! all about islamic civilisation! and like.. when i was in class..well here's how the conversation goes :

me : ... i haven't study..

lec : ..oh yeaa..u were absent right? well..u still got time to study now~

me : ... i don't have the notes..

lec : OH YES! the notes.. let me go take for you.. 

*15 minutes later*

lec : here's your notes~

me : *stare at the SUPER THICK notes* wow..

lec : OK class! i give you 15 minutes to study!

me : u mean..i have to study THIS *hold up notes* in 15 minutes?!

lec : well it's easy laa!

me : *holds up notes + a WHAT-THE-HECK face* OAO

so i have to study in 15 minutes TwT well thank god most of the questions based on that note didn't came out!! if not.... *shudder at the thought of it* ....OH WELL! what's pass... let it fly away~~ lalalala~

SO ANYWAY!! after that.. i went to sunway pyramid alone.. pay internet bill.. then walk around 8D i went to all the cd shop in sunway pyramid! IT WAS FUN! xD then i went to tower record OwO so i roam around.. looking at anime stuff mostly.. then soundtracks.. but then i heard people screaming outside! like..HOMG! RIOT!! ...yea my dream xD some guys were quarreling outside.. and they made quite a show.. screaming at each other.. everybody was looking at them.. and i saw the guy was pulling this woman's hair.. it was creepy i tell you!!! HOMG! but then i get back to my soundtrack hunting and i saw..... 

ORCHESTRA de NODAME STORY soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!

the price on the thing stated RM14.90 but when i pay for's 11.90!!!! WHATTAHAWL! xD wheeee!!!!!! LOOK!! LOOK!! xD

RM11.90 ;w; soooo worth it!!!

2 cds inside ;w; very simple design..well..  it's all words.. BUT STILL!! 

that's the song list on your left 8D THERE's A LOT OF SONGS!!

there's 47 songs inside!! OMG!

I'm really glad i bought it! 8D all the piano pieces by Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Debussy ooo~~ heaven! and the Beethoven violin sonata is just G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! 8D i can die as a happy human~

THEN!! after that..i went home.. sleep.. ;w; finally a very good sleep!!!! *w* feel so....refreshed! so.. i surf the net.. and do....nothing.. OTL

surfed youtube.. and i found... 8D 1 more thing i can 'HOMG!' on..

it's the velvet room song! ON PIANO!! 8D transcribe by Delldongo.i like his piano playing vids. not THAT great or anything..but he sure put emotions in it ..well obviously better than me *COUGH* that's why i like him 8D was looking high and low for this song's piano score.. FINALLY! eventhough i don't have piano here *ahem* but i still collect all those interesting piano scores for later 8D i got quite a collection.. $__$ ; (everybody : SO WHAAAAT?!! OAO ; eh?) random..

i'm feeling sleepy already =x= ; i should continue sleepi..I MEAN!! relaxing lalala~ so yeaa~ or shud i watch some movies... 8D yeaaaaaaa......

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  1. hellllooooo ifa!!!!! remember me??

    omg omg u have that cd??!!! hey i want it!!!! =p