Saturday, July 19, 2008

and so it falls

*wipe tears* after.. almost 5 years of service... it finally...falls.. *sobs*

...ok well actually still can be used LOL! just need to put the clicking part in.. *sigh* look at how.. sad my tablet pen looks like xD hahahahaha! lost count of how many time it drops on the floor..n look at the..err..paint? doesn't even look like a tablet pen *COUGH* oh well~ i'll still use it! until it can't serve me anymore..i love my graphire 3~

somehow..we're lacking the value of modesty in this world..OH! i'm totally talking bout something different in whatever job we do.. we musn't expect anything!! that's 1 of the value that i learn long time ago.. we do it...because we chose to do it.. so no complains eh? 8D if you don't wanna do it.. then don't~ wat's the use of doing work without the sincerity? it's like when you asked your friend to buy you some candies..then when the friend gave it to us.. the friend will be like.. "are you forgetting something?" (well not in the term of money xD if u get what i mean..)

my point is.. won't you feel happier if the person, ANYBODY, says any gratitude or respect or whatever sincerely without you asking or wanting them to give it to you? you will feel more well.. "senang hati"?

so yeaa... TwT

n i better get back to my assignment!!


  1. that last bit is totally random. -_-

  2. i duno why, the candy fella sounds like me >P

  3. omg ifa YOUR TABLET o_o

    when i saw the pic i quickly glanced at my own tablet.

    and hugged it.