Monday, July 21, 2008


HOMG!!! so the other day.. i was searching for something interesting to watch.. so i went to my fav box office movie list website and search. then i stumbled across "Hauru no ugoku shiro" then think.. where have i heard this before... *think* OH!!!! HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE!!! come to think of it..i never really watch any Studio Ghibli animation!! like..HOMG!!! OAO HOW CAN I NOT WATCH?!!!!! so i downloaded it..until it reached 33%, i preview..nice graphic..but the language i mean the dub was english, so it ruined the feel for the anime a bit..but then..i keep watching the preview...and Hauru is just sooooooo HOT!! 8D HOMG!! i immediately change my clothes, and went out to buy the dvd! LOL! well i bought the whole box of studio ghibli's animation. bought it in popular...not a very good quality..well...have to put up with it for now i guess...

so i payed..then on my way out..i saw the TWILIGHT novel by Stephenie Meyer..didn't even think twice..i took it and immediately pay. IT'S WORTH IT!!! HOMG!!!! I HAVEN'T FELT THIS SORT OF FEELING WHEN I'M READING A NOVEL FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!! the last one was Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix.......ANYWAY!!! THE BOOK IS AWESOME!!!!!!! SEE!!

the NOVEL!!!!

the cover itself attracts me..

actually i saw this novel long time ago.. but never had the chance to lay my hands on it.. until Tofu bought the book 1st.

the book is about a 17-year-old girl,Bella, who moved to a small town called Forks where she meet the mysterious Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy..good looking, nice voice...and a supernatural gift. Bella is determined to uncover his secret but he managed to keep his true identity hidden up until now.

8D u guys just HAVE TO READ THE BOOK!!!!!!! the 1st time i read it...i got too excited to sleep!! i can't stop imagining Edward's face..and personality..his characteristic.. like HOMG!! just what a mysterious character should be!!!!! I LOVE THE BOOK!!! I LOVE EDWARD!!!

there are 4 series for this novel..the other 3 are

I can't wait to get my hands on em!!!!! YAY!! if only i'm not THIS busy..i probably had finished the Twilight book in lass than 2 days.. darnnit. so give it a shot guys!!!!!!! it suits every age of readers~ and...and....AGGHH!! HOMG!!! I FEEL LIKE READING IT AGAIN!!!! go to the author's web for more info~

and whadya noe!!!!!! THE MOVIE ADAPTATION FOR THIS NOVEL IS PROBABLY COMING OUT IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!! 12/12/2008!!! HOMG HOMG HOMG!!! now i'm even more thrilled!! will certainly be lookin' forward to it!!

for those Harry Potter fan..u guys should have noticed the actor that took the Edward Cullen role rite? 8D uuhuhuhuhuhu somehow i've been expecting Ashton Kutcher..but then.. i think they made the right decision in choosing Robert Pattison as the main character.. and the heroin Kristen Stewart!!

the TRAILER!!!!!

HOMG!!!!! did u guys see how Edward sort of.. did the crooked-seductive-wicked smile of his at the end of the trailer??!?!!!!!!! *FAINT..REVIVE..FAINT!!!* CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

rite..back to assignment...


"About three things I was absolutely positive

First, Edward was a vampire.

Second, there was part of him - and I didn't know how dominant that part might be - that thirsted for my blood

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him - Bella"

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