Tuesday, July 22, 2008


THE EVENT IS TOMORROW!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!! OAO i still haven't prepare myself!! HOW?!! ...well...i think i just have to..*exhale*.. do it.. TwT 10 minutes of presentation is not short.. i wonder what i should talk about. i don't even remember i got any proper concept for it.. should i tell them that i used other software beside of adobe photoshop? izzit.."legal"? *sigh* of all time.. why do i have to feel nervous now?!!!!! OAO HOMG!!!! ...rite.. calm down..calm down *breathe* I CAN DO IT!!! V(OAO)V <-- somehow reminds me of mr tatsun xD he did this gesture during the talk xD he was funny..and got very very high achievement.. i so envy him TwT well.. have to work harder from now on!!

kinda hard to do tho..with lotsa minor stuff (cept for reading twilight! 8D) keep distracting me.. a bit hard to concentrate lately. losing focus. and currently...sleepy. i think it's because of the holiday mood? CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAY!!! 8D


Featuring Public Exhibitions, Talks by Multimedia Industry Professionals & Starlites Creators’ Presentations

Head down to this event and open your eyes to the boundless possibilities of multimedia design. Get to know about Website Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Interactive CD-ROMs, Game Design, New Media Design, Motion Graphics, Independent Short Films, and many more creative artworks that will be featured at this "Starlites’ 08 The (Next) Big Idea, Multimedia Exhibition & Events” at The One Academy.

Besides the exhibition, there will also be thought-provoking talks by multimedia industry professionals and special presentations by Starlites creators in the "Starlites’ 08 Open House" event that will be held on 16 & 23 July at The One Gallery. For seat reservations and more information, feel free to contact Yik Jian (Multimedia Department). Hurry! Only limited seats available.

Starlites’ 08 Open House - Talk and Creators’ Presentation

Date :
23 July 2008 (Webnesday)

Time :
9:00am – 4:45pm

Session 1 - Talk by Multimedia Industry Professional

Speaker: Lina Tan (Red Communications Sdn Bhd)

Session 2 - Stalites Creators’ Presentation (TOA Alumni)

Session 3 - Starlites Creators’ Presentation

Venue :
THE ONE ACADEMY 34, Jalan PJS 11/28A, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Room A1 & A2)

for more info... go here~



so i finished reading TWILIGHT already!! ...1 word.. AWESOME!!! it's one of the greatest book i have ever read!!! love the ending.. love the "Edward and Bella" scene.. love EVERYTHING!! it's a must read book!!!

seriously i feel like heading to sunway pyramid now and break into popular bookstore and get me a copy of New Moon!! (the 2nd novel) but oh well.. maybe i'll get it tomorrow! can't stop myself from having stuff that i really wanted!! IT IS WORTH TO BE COLLECT!! THAT'S WHY!

hahahaha xD

and the 2nd teaser trailer was out recently!! yay!! edward looks more and more..well.. good looking! xD robert pattison was made for this role! I SALUTE HIM!! he look so sexy! *fainted*

the 2nd trailer

HOMG!!! OAO i don't think i can take it any longer!!! I WANNA WATCH THE MOVIE!! *died-ed*


  1. arrghh..i didnt come...
    didnt wake up till 12pm...
    shit and no one calls mehh..

  2. ~ like that la hani... ;x; so sad~~~~ boo! actually u still can come anytime baa~ my presentation oso didn't start till 3 pm.. i tot ah fatt called u or something ;A;

  3. i oso didnt know it will last that long mehh..
    i thought from 9 till 12 oso...
    suddenly i saw ur post..
    got lots of other stuff than just the talks...