Monday, August 25, 2008

seriously bloody holiday

how to say..describe..this.. but i just honestly wished i didn't went home for my holiday last monday..i hope everything will just...go away.. (suddenly i wished that the african guy in the HEROES series is right here..right now..n erase my memories or something) like that'll even happen *sigh*'s "carved" into OUR brains forever... there's not even a tears to spare for what has happened.

bloody..bloody holiday


SO ANYWAY!!! life have to go on!! 8D


they push the date earlier..i have no friggin' idea why~ but HECK I'll take it!! EDWARD!! xD god seriously..i basically memorised the book!!.. i even lost counts on how many times i've read the book!!! and i still felt..feel?.. as if i'm reading the book for the 1st time. the jokes are still as funny, the romance part are still as romantic (i think it gradually became more romantic than the 1st time i read it LOL)..the rush of..adrenaline? xD when it comes to the danger part.. sigh.. i just love it!!

i kind of felt hurt when there's people out there who criticised why us twilight hard-to-die fans even read the so called "riddiculous-sparkly-vampire-romance" story. how to say... they don't have the right to criticised us. maybe they just don't have enough romance in them? >.> or just can't appreciate this kind of storyline? did u know the feeling of loving something wholeheartedly, dun care whether it's a romance novel...or game..or whatever, and some people just say something bad about it? what would you feel? so what if there's a sparkly vampire inside the book? so what if the story is so called typical teen romance?!! for god sake..different people..different interest right?!

well..the punchline here is.. I LOVE TWILIGHT AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF SOMEBODY SAYS BAD THINGS ABOUT IT! bad review or good review..i don't give a damn..seriously..there ya go.. 8D..savvy? seriously..

.....WAIT A SECOND!!! OAO what the heck am i talking about??!!!!! *slapself* ok ok.. lets talk bout.... well i don't have anything to talk about... i don't feel like talking bout the starlite event... and i'm most certainly not gonna talk bout my holidays... so what am i supposed to talk about??! I THINK THIS HOLIDAY IS MAKING MY HEAD CLOUDY!! (opps..pressed the caps lock button..lazy to change OTL)

TwT .. i read the last book in twilight saga in less than 1 day..? OTL i wanna go to a book store.. and sit there forever.. i hope stephenie meyer will finish the MIDNIGHT SUN novel faster ;w; i can't wait! ...there i go again with twilight stuff! homg! even harry potter never made me feel like this when i read em! and hey...the latest HP movie is being postponed _m_ well...not that i got any prob with that..(if it's twilight............... t(OAOt)... ) and talk about being a almost hard-to-die fan of HP once upon a time...did i ever mention the last book was great disappointment for me? well..for me~ =w= *sigh* but i still read the book sometimes 8D i personally love the 4th book.. quidditch *w* .....

oh man...i'm talking rubbish here...


my dream car... gotta be... colour..hmm (toyota brand is great too!)..yellow is nice also.. but i always feel red is suitable for those elegant and fast kind of cars..or those convertible type.. just think of red cadillac sixty-two convertible!! *nosebleed* or for sure.. 1 more dream car.. BMW M3 convertible... *dies* i have to say..i prefer slick, elegant and fast type.. xD gosh.. i shud take a liscense...or maybe i shouldn' cooper convertible is nice too..xD hahaha i like to look at cars!! *w* whenever i saw 1 that caught my attention i will be like "ooh! chevrolet!! waa!!volkswagen!" there's no awesome car to be seen here in my place ;3; boo xD hahaha can't say i'm a very good car fan.. but if i got time.. i would love to learn bout cars.. i mean...more than knowing the brands n type n all..

*sigh* i better stop talking bout random stuff.. before it starts to not make any sense... AH! lemme share some pictures!! 8D

hmm..Yellow Porsche.. reminds me of Alice Cullen in twilight..(or eclipse xD)

2008 BMW M3 convertible..this baby is not cheap!! ;A; ooo..can only dream of it i guess.. just came out recently..

red BMW M3 convert. just like Rosalie's one....ok 1 more twilight charac >.> can't help it! her car is superb! 'ostentatious' xD hahaha

...ok xD Volvo S60R *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH* >w> i would love to have 1 fer myself >w> *lick monitor*

GOSH!! if i can put all the pictures of the cars that i want here!!!! xD my blog will be an exhibit for cars pula xD.. rite.. i think i better stop here =A= i'm seriously talking crap... sorry for wasting u guys punya time ;A; i just dun have any idea of what to talk bout....well yeaa.. >.> ;; cept fer random stuff...

i'll try n update again sometime.. and talk bout something... else.. OH!! HORROR MOVIE ON TV!! 'scuse me!! ~~~( ~OwO)~

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