Saturday, August 30, 2008


regarding to the latest heart-breaking news (well at least for me), which is the indefinite halt related to the writing of Midnight Sun, *wipe tears* I tried my best to stop myself from reading the 12 chapters of the leaked copies that the author herself had made available just to be fair to all her FAITHFUL fans D8 but yeaa...i can't stop myself, bugger. least i'm KNOW that IF the book ever get published in the coming years, god knows when, i would still read it from the 1st it from the COVER, and be totally oblivious to the fact that the 12 leaked chapters even exist 8D i'm VERY sure about that.

i've heard, or read, somewhere before... that when a person really IS reading, their breathing in a way will stop, all the surrounding sounds will become a buzz and nothing can ever distract a person reading... indulging in that world of his or hers. i have to say, i felt this kind of feeling when i was reading her book (who else? xD) the rough manuscript for midnight sun took my breath away! i was seriously thinking that i would die infront of the monitor just like that *snap fingers* !!!! of course i felt this when i read other books...but it never felt as strong as this. and to think that i was sitting in the living room, with the tv on the "barrack obama channel" and my niece screaming every now and then, and i just have to put on my headphone listening to some songs for distraction, but nothing of this bothers me (the song that i listened to eventually became a buzz lol!) xD i kept reading, and reading, and reading till i hoped that the 12 chap. will never ever end!! but i know that this will only KILL me xD so yeaa.. i can't wait for Midnight Sun to be published!!!

i wished that stephenie meyer will come to malaysia TxT hmm.. i would LOVE to have her autograph on all my novels.. dang...

OH!! and edward is more than adorable!! ;w; in love with edward~~i want 1 edward for myself too~ boo xD



"A ridiculously potent scent to demand my attention, a silent mind to enflame my curiosity, a quiet beauty to hold my eyes, a selfless soul to earn my awe" - Edward

(damn!! how can she create all those words!!!!! *envy*)

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