Wednesday, August 27, 2008

nothing really...

I've been trying to find a nice template for my blog xO i want some red and white theme. but i can't seem to find a nice one. i did found a pretty red and black colour template, but i think it's a bit dark xD. so heck... i guess it's ok.. just play with font's colour for now. sigh xD

I love red 8D

I've just finished watching 1 more movie adaptation of Jane Austen's novel; Mansfield Park (1999). It was nice!! I have to say, Jane Austen always did a very very very great job in creating a very strong female protagonist. I still personally love Elizabeth Bennet from pride and prejudice more, but Fanny Price of Mansfield Park is nonetheless an interesting character.not forgetting to mention the awesome male character...of course Mr.Darcy from pride and prejudice is still the hottest of em all~ *faint*

I love the way old england people behave. It's always so graceful, elegant, gentlemen like.. makes me wonder everytime where does all etiquette went to in this modern world. xD well for sure there's more..freedom now than before..but yeaaa....

i love the way they talk. it always captivates me. the use of their words, their manner of speaking, their body language etc. I've always envied my mom for having a British english education when she was young. hmm...oh well~ 8D

i'm gonna watch Northanger Abbey next!! xD Jane austen is awesome!

i feel like drawing some those kind of character suddenly...hmm~~

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