Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blue October

lemme share a band that for now has been dominating my itunes, handphone and my head~ xD

well honestly speaking, i stumbled across this band while i was...exploring Stephenie Meyer's vampire love saga playlist in her web~ (hey~what else to say? i'm only a fan~) been wanting to share this with you guys for a long time. but i promised myself to do this ONLY after i've listen to at least all the songs in 1 album. well so far...i think this band is very worth to listen to!! xD

Their 5th album, which was released on 4, April 2006 called FOILED was the 1st album i listen to. Their song "CONGRATULATION" was the 1st one that made me wanna know more about this band. So i immediately downloaded the whole album. 8D believe me or not~ it's worth it!

FOILED album cover

some info of the band~

Origin : Houston, Texas, USA
Genre(s) : -Alternative Rock,
- Post-grunge
- Indie Rock
- Piano Rock

Years active : 1995-present

Members :
Justin Furstenfeld
Jeremy Furstenfeld
Ryan Delahoussaye
Matt Noveskey
C.B. Hudson

Studio albums
1998 - The Answers
2000 - Consent to Treatment
2003 - History for Sale
2006 - Foiled (Platinum)
2009 - Approaching Normal (in production)
Live albums
2007 - Argue with a Tree
2007 - Foiled for the last time

"Breakfast After 10" • "HRSA" • "James" • "Calling You" • "Hate Me" • "Into the Ocean" • "She's My Ride Home" • "Calling You (07)"

(info taken from Wikipedia..and i added the live album ones ..8D)
give it a shot guys!! 8D u guys can always listen to some 'samples' on my playlist there. try something different to listen to xD. i remembered somebody asked me; "hey! what happen to all your japanese songs??!" xD well... even if i like japanese song, doesn't mean that i have to stick with only that my whole life now~ i'm open to any genres, any language when it comes to music~

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