Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i have to say..

have u ever sit down 1 day doing nothing, or just walk around doing nothing and ur ears or eyes or nose pick up those so-called unimportant details that u won't even give the slightest attention?

well..i have to say...

* the sound of high heels on the floor (ktak-ktak-ktak)
* the sound of heavy wind (makes those creepy sound -whoosh whoosh- xD ) i love it!
* the sound of neigbour playing piano (well most of the time it irritates me... envy)i used to open my window wider than usual everytime xD
* the sound of noe when u lie on ur back in the swimming pool, and ur ears are under water. that sound!
* the smell, sights and sound of heavy rain on it's way. don't u just feel calm when u watch the trees swaying in the wind. the gray clouds covering the sun. it's an amazing sight! .. hey it's raining!! nice, calming yet creepy it!!
* the sight of 2 couples... walking hand in hand, talking sweetly... (tho i think being single is just my thing...fer now boo~!)
* the sound of fantabulous car quietly driving through.
* the smell of your own bed, pillows and blanket. hmm...
* the sound of the swing ur playing when the park is empty (doing nothing lol) and looking at the sky while ur at it
* the sight of random people walking around with different styles and looks. it's kind of interesting you know xD
* the smell of shopping centre..the smell of new clothes.. hmm
* the smell of distant guys perfume. what to say~ i am human~~ xD tho sometimes i'll spend some time taking a whiff at girls (& guy's~) perfume in shops..hey what can i say? xD it always proves useful whenever my dad wanna buy perfume~ so heck _m_
* the sight of all those fluffy sofas in the furniture shop xD
* THE SIGHT OF BOOKS IN THE BOOKSTORES!! yes! this must be my favourite one! I could spend hours and hours in a bookstore! man i love to get hold of new books! i'm out of em!! next book ; THE HOST by STEPHENIE MEYER!!
* the sight of my most favourite novels on my bed. ready to be read...
* the sight of my dad talking happily on the phone with his friends xD i dunno.. i like the way my dad convers. very...ethusiastic! i think i got this from him xD
* the smell of grass being if i could smell it in my mind..
* i like to listen to sarcastic jokes too~ xD
* the sight of the sun shining pass the trees and through my bedroom window while i'm lying on the bed.
* the feeling of wearing your headphones while listening to slow tempo music and just enjoy the song. it feels even better during rainy days...with some hot drink in your hand...hmm milk tea is nice...
* the sight of yellow, green leaves falling from the trees during a windy day.
* the awesome-ness when u make ur imagination run when ur reading a book. how the characters look like, the location, their face expressions....everything... -sigh- feel like reading some book...maybe i should read some harry's been a long time... 8D cedric digory -drool- while sitting on your bed with the window wide open...hmm
all of this things add up some spice in my life...i can't imagine if all of this things doesn't exist!! OAO i love my senses!! i love the world!! and the creator!!! BOOM DE YA DAAAH!!! xD ROFL!


there's just a lot of beautiful sights and sounds etc out there. we just have to pay a bit more attention. it's a pity if we just let all this wonderful thing fade away just like that huh? haaaa.....
can u guys just see how free i am? i can't even do any work because i didn't bring my desktop with me.. and there's no new book to head can't function rite.. i think i'm suffering from an artblock..

oh well!! 8D been doing some research on bestselling books~ so i can plan on what book to indulge myself in next~ so i stumbled upon this thing here~


i'm proud of you stephenie meyer!! xD hahahaha!! i'm so gonna buy THE HOST next! rite!! i'm gonna go make some hot drink!! milk tea? .. milo?..hey what can i say~? it raining...and to top it all... its night time~ xD love it~

now where's that book of mine...

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