Sunday, June 27, 2010

Packing & Moving on

the moment that I won't anticipate most probably while I am still alive; MOVING & PACKING. I know. it just sucks. Being a person that always buy stuff, packing is like a pain in your ass. and being a person that is just reluctant to let go of anything, you can just imagine all the piles of stuff that I have collected during my 3 years plus living here. 3 years!!!! and I've accumulated more than enough! I just can't find it in me to throw away all the things that I have! even the clothes from 3 years back and all my assignments and final papers. should I throw them away? but what if one day I might need it and realized it gone?!! I've also discovered some random gay manga and seriously shoujo manga I got -can't even figure out why I even bought it in the 1st place- wanted to throw em away but don't know how. Packed all my cd's, all my books, mangas and I've got a total of 4 boxes just for all those stuff. Not considering all the clothes that I got. I don't think I have enough boxes. hmph. need to do more box hunting then.

I've hand in my resign letter last week. OH! I worked... I mean I'm working? (present tense?) still in a multimedia company in KL. did I ever mention that? no? hmm. as a multimedia designer or was it graphic designer? had an awesome boss awesome colleagues what else can I ask for? but i'm just not cut out for this kind of work. web is just not for me I guess. I'm more to... a drawing/moving image person? I don't know. I know it's a waste for me to ditch this position, the salary is quite good too. but I guess I just put other things in front of me for now. I'm still a bit indecisive on things right now, but 1 thing that I'm very sure of, I still want to study. I want to learn a LOT of stuff. I know that I can eventually learn while I'm working, but so far I can see that I'm spending my time more on working than learning something new, or doing something that I like. I'd rather be spending time working WHILE learning than learning while working. see the difference? When I get back, I'm gonna try and see my life in a whole different perspective. I'm gonna start anew and gonna try and find what I can do best!!! gonna pick up on different things, and brush up on certain rusty skills that I have. If I want to get a job, I would really hope it's something that I'd enjoy doing, not something that I have to do to continue living. I know I have to be realistic, but if it means that I'm gonna be stuck in a certain place doing things that I don't like, then I'd rather be a dreamer. I somehow have a good gut feeling about my future, but you can't trust your gut. like seriously. so i'm gonna try my best to shape it, my way :)

I have seen a LOT of young achievers out there. Can I achieve something of my own that my family and myself can be proud of?

hope everything will be fine.

It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning and I just don't feel like sleeping and to top it all, I got work tomorrow. so, good nite people :)

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  1. is the job ur resigning from is the present job u always mention in facebook? :3 ganbatte ne, Nao~