Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOT Miku

she is nooootttt!! *facepalm* art request from a friend of mine. ;D hope you like it scott. Eventho she really reminds me of Miku *facepalm*

time: 6 hours plus. includes procrastination time 8D
tool: photoshopCS4

ah~~ I really really had fun drawing this!!!!!!!! that I decided to take shots of the progress 8D

the 3rd pic. LOL i almost forgot to snap a pic. that's why the head part is a bit colored in already XD rather satisfied with how the whole thing turned out to be. and love doing the face!

she reminds me of the ocean in summer. *nods* tempted to put sunflower as the background, but considering I don't really like sunflowers, so I decided not to 8D tsk.

yeap!!!! now... on with other project *sobs*

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