Wednesday, October 6, 2010

still alive!!

ah~ haven't had anything interesting to update for a long time. Been busy. NOT. ugh.

exams are comin' up. Never crossed my mind that once again I'd be sitting, reading passages and pick out the correct answer for each Q, write out essays and what not after a few year not doing that. so best of luck to me! (haven't study yet. seriously)

some ... stuff I've been doing recently.

trying my best to finish this piece for a friend of mine before her b'day! ah... wish it will turn out well!

I've been doing stuff in between too.

Somehow Black Rock Shooter's song can't stop playing in my head! so decided to put it at ease by doing some fanart for it! although a pathetic one at that. hahaha!!

don't really have the w.i.p for this one tho. darn it.

so yeaaaahhhh~~~


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