Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more w.i.p

lately I've been feeling productive due to the face slappin' reality on how underachieved I am. orz. but when I think back, I'm doing/improving more on my drawing skills rather than doing any multimedia related stuff! Dx can't help it.

3 works. posted the 1st one on dA. uncolored, but i figured, it'll look nice in color. kinda like that drawing too. haha. 2nd one, well... I am still thinking. the 3rd one, gonna ink it, color it. wanted to do my best on that piece! i will try. yes. won't really put up the names of the character and where they are from just yet. gonna have the end result, then I'll reveal them.

it's all fanart orz! I discovered, doing fanart uses less energy u_u since I don't really have to think about the personality, features etc of the characters. but it does limit a little bit of my creativity, but it does huge help in improving coloring technique. well that is what I discovered anyway. u_u

still haven't touch that original piece of mine *facepalm*

oh! and of course, it is best to create your own work too. HAH! take that Ifa!

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