Monday, August 23, 2010

curing depression

LOL!! yeah.. after losing my Rune Factory 2 game save file and it was in 2nd generation to make things worst......... CURSE *punch wall*

so I drew a fanart of Aria T_T and the lamb ORZ. whatsit called again? ah nvm.

time: less than 10 hours. maybe 8...
tool(s): traditional sketch, paint in SAI, touch ups in photoshopCS3

haven't draw this style for a very long time now. More prone to those stylish, semi realistic female character lately. So it was really like, a trip down memory lane for me while I was doing this!! and I enjoyed it to bits! and the fact that I forced myself to make a background and manage to not back out till the end made me happier. *sobs* because I just suck at background!! hahaha! so.... OMG BACKGROUND! (even though it's not really that great and took just a small part of the whole piece *cough*)

wanted to put some w.i.p, but the working files are in windows u_u I used SAI for this piece. and my Windows can't go online I don't know why. so yeah. maybe later... if I don't feel lazy LOL!!!

also did this character that I dreamt of. A female character, quite badass and wielding a sword. It was an awesome dream too. but my sketch didn't really do her justice. YET. still developing. especially the facial expression, and sword! she was using katana in my dream, but I don't want to draw katana. u_u so yeah. gonna give this piece a shot in CG-ing. see how it turns out.

I miss sketching traditionally, and yes, proportion... *cough*


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