Monday, August 23, 2010

Rune Factory series

I have been holding it in and I can bare it no longer. I JUST HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!!

been playing Rune Factory game again lately. (and starting yet again... after losing my save file) YES. it is THAT good to make me play this farming+dungeon crawling game again...and again... you'll understand the pain when you lose your game that you have built for YEARS! -as in years in the game- and became super rich, with great abundance of crops growing everywhere and no problem in spending ridiculously on stuff you don't really need just yet. sigh. anyway! back to the topic..

I am addicted to it. I think it's brilliant how they combine a mundane everyday farming life with dungeon crawling and sword fights! XD instead of buying your animals, you have to catch and tame them instead! absolutely brilliant! that is one of the aspect that made me really into the game!

the characters design for the game is also gorgeous!! all thanks to Minako Iwasaki. I want her hands and brain!

not only the characters, but I also fell in love with the environment design. this game is brimming with gorgeous arts! It really help me in terms of motivations and inspirations! XD

went on an image googling frenzy LOL! and this is not even half of what they got!!!!! (all images belongs to their respective owner) I truly love the style and colors. though it does get brighter in Frontier. XD the colors are so vibrant!!! love! p/s enjoyed compiling all this. lol!

they even have their own guidebook/artbook! *facepalm+sobs*
"Simple Visual guide to all Rune games so far. Has lots of images and information for all characters and settings for all 4 Rune Factory Games released up till now. A nice book for fans." - play-asia review. I swear I'm gonna get a copy of this no matter what!!! (now why do I feel like this has happened before? ...... ooohh yes... Jingna's book. orz. can sense my money running down the drain. BUT STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN! since it is worth every penny I possess! lol!) hope the english version will come out soon TxT

the soundtracks for the games that I have played so far are GORGEOUS! quite often I found myself humming some tunes... which often result in negative responses from people at home. orz. If only I can get myself the original soundtrack cd! it is officially on my list of must-have-even-if-I-die cd. lol.

1 thing about Rune Factory is... they have opening video! booyah! really does made me feel like... Rune Factory should have their own anime LOL! (same goes to Luminous Arc *cough* somehow) some of the opening arranged according to most-fav-order lol!

IMHO, they shouldn't made an english version for the songs eventhough the game is in english version. u_u somehow japanese is better. it always is! OAO

frontier's opening is so upbeat! LOVE IT!! eventhough I never played it before. no Wii. i am sad! T_T anybody wanna sell me 1? orz. I couldn't find a good quality japanese version for the 2nd video. I love the song and also the beginning part of the vid. ;_; the part where kyle left Aaron&Aria is just so sad!! and the timing for the song is very good!

so yes basically, I am deeply madly in love with the series! *thumbs up* if only I can work here... *slapself*

p/s some people suggested the series should be called Shota Factory instead LOL!! XD the characters are just too cute!

on other note. new Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar!!! "will be released in North America on August 24, 2010" - wiki.

OwO interesting new concept! instead of putting all your days work in the shipping bin, you have to collect all the weeks worth of produce and sell em at the bazaar instead!!! you open your own stand, and choose what to sell. interesting! and there's also a few additional new stuff there. so far I know the charac can do a double jump in the air XD so basically can get to 1 spot to another spot even faster! and can navigate in town faster.

so yes. Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar! (my mom is more ecstatic than me u_u)


  1. ugh ugh ugh ur post is making me fangirl squeal in the office >3<


    yeah i want her hands and brain too O3O

  2. I KNOOOOOWWWW RITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH.EM.GEE!!!!!!!!! I'm fangirling over my own post ORZ!!!!!!

  3. i love this game ^^