Thursday, August 12, 2010

this and that~

I am still rotting away at home _-_ was supposed to get into University, but they told me I can't get in without taking this English test. WTF rite?! =_= I mean, I didn't have to take it when I was in college! well...maybe because it was a private one, and I'm changing to a non-private one to get my degree. oh well... at least I could brush up on my other skills. especially digital painting, a bit of photography... and lately... MUSIC! huzzah!

after nagging, ok not really, my parents to send me to a guitar class, they finally gave in. So I'm gonna start next week! thrilled, happy, etc. worried too. what if I can't nail it? people said it is easy to learn (people being my mom. I wonder can be trusted or not) lol. well, I guess it's better to fail trying than not. haha!

So I got myself a gorgeous Fina guitar! an acoustic one.wanted to get the electric acoustic, buuuuttt, I am but just a beginner. 8D so better start from the bottom. got green light from mom to get a better one once I am pro enough. Hope by then I can buy the guitar myself. still owe my dad half the money from my Jingna's photobook. poor! XD ....ok back to the guitar...

wanted to get a pure black one, but the only black guitar there was booked T_T I am sad. it was so gorgeous i almost die on the spot. The shop dude asked me to take the typical light brown Yamaha. I know I am a beginner but I just can't accept typical *clench fist* but it does produce great sound! but still...the design is not to my taste. Then he showed me Fina. A budget guitar as I may call it. yes, not as famous as Yamaha but has GORGEOUS sound! (he played a bit), lovely color even if it's not black. settled with dark brown and yellowish gradient color. lovin it! not much photos since my camera was running out of bat.

the reason I took up guitar? because I wanted to since a long time ago u_u and I can carry a piece of musical instrument with me everywhere! i mean. COME ON!!! I can't carry the piano here and there! I am sad!!!


damage done: RM590, including picker, bag, and strap.

cleaned the room downstairs with mom last week. I can say, I found a LOT of stuff!! O_O I got 1 vintage looking genuine leather bag , an old Nikon camera flash gun (compatible with my Canon too! HUZZAH!!!!) and also... THIS!

red buggy! it can do wheelie! 8D holy! pardon the ugly photo n compo.

okay bye. ugh.

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