Monday, August 16, 2010

Powerpuff Girls: Heroes & Villains

woke quite early sometimes. so always caught my niece watching Powerpuff girls cartoon on cartoon network before she goes to school. CN actually made sort of PPG marathon early in the morn! O_O yes, I used to be a fan. BIG fan. and still am till now. the girls are just too cute!!!! can't stand it!

so I wiki-ed them, and googled em also. Recently downloaded the soundtrack album! HAHAHA!! it put a huge smile on my face during the dark hours. lol. haven't blog about music/soundtracks for awhile now. so heck. ;D

1-"Go Monkey Go"-Performed by Devo
2-"Pray for the Girls"-Performed by Frank Black
3-"Signal in the Sky (Let's Go)"-Performed by The Apples in Stereo
4-"Walk & Chew Gum"-Performed by Optiganally Yours
5-"Buttercup (I'm a Supergirl)"-Performed by Shonen Knife
6-"Bubbles"-Performed by Dressy Bessy
7-"B.L.O.S.S.U.M."-Performed by Krzysztof Komeda
8-"Fight the Power"-Performed by Bis
9-"Don't Look Down"-Performed by Sugarplastic
10-"The Fight"-Performed by Cornelius
11-"Friends Win"-Performed by Bill Doss
12-"Love Makes the World Go 'Round"-Performed by The Powerpuff Girls

and of course the OP & ED theme too ;D

really wish I could get my hands on the original copy TwT it would be awesome. so right now, I have to put up with download. u_u I am sorry.


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