Friday, October 15, 2010


woah, I almost forgot about this piece!! O_O was done half way when I accidentally -yeah rite- forgotten about it!

the style a bit different XD so heck~ I just quickly finish it (because I wanna get over with it orz)

so yeaaahhhh

so messy! HAHAHAHA! XD oh well~

time: =_=; i have nooo idea
tool: mixture of Sai and Photoshop

some close up shots of the girls~ coz i actually like how their face turned out to be. and love the lips! *slapself*

my fav one in this drawing would be Mana, then Mist, then Sia. I made Sia look so...I dunno. it's her eyes I think.

so yeah~ now back to art requests!!!!! YAARRGGHHH!!!

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