Saturday, February 1, 2014


Who would've thought, it is already 2014!

Life has been passing by in a slur of blurry images. I am a bit worried, the reality that I am wasting my time by doing nothing. Nothing at all. Been too immersed with the social medias and networks. Seeing success that was abundantly received by others. From student life, to travelling, to food, social life; how i envy them. Then again, I suppose they deserved it. When I'm wasting my time, flattening my butt siting in front of the monitor.


The good side is, I'm the type who usually forget stuff easily. So I could be all depressed one minute, and be all happy and motivated next. I suppose It's a good skill to have, but it is getting harder to forget these days and it is making me feel a little bit miserable I suppose.

Maybe I'll actually pick up my pencil and draw today :)

Yeah, maybe I will.

I should.

Happy New Year everybody!


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